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Maryville, Inc. (Maryville) respects the privacy of visitors to its website (“site”). This Privacy Policy governs the collection of information by Maryville from visitors using this site. This Privacy Policy does not apply to any information provided to Maryville through other means; for example, live events, mail, or telephone. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully to understand Maryville’s online privacy practices. By visiting this site, visitors agree to their visit and any dispute over Maryville’s online privacy practices is governed by this Privacy Policy. Questions regarding privacy issues should be directed to:


Maryville does not trade, share, or sell a donor’s personal information with anyone else, nor send donor mailings on behalf of other organizations. This policy is applicable for all online and offline communications, including website, email, mail, physical addresses and phone numbers. 

Types of Information Collected by Maryville 

The information Maryville gathers falls into two categories: (1) information (for example, name and address) voluntarily supplied when registering or initiating transactions, and (2) information gathered on usage patterns and preferences as visitors navigate through this site, including downloaded forms, or reading online newsletters. In some cases, it’s a Maryville agent or affiliate which collects the information on Maryville’s behalf. Third party providers featured on, or linked to by Maryville’s site, such as vendors of products and services offered through Maryville’s site, may be gathering the same or different kinds of information. 

Registration Information 

To make use of certain features on Maryville’s site (such as to receive email newsletters) visitors need to register and provide certain information as part of the registration process. The information supplied will help offer more personalized features, tailor Maryville’s site to users’ interests, and provide new and innovative content. 

The more information provided, the more value can be offered. Supplying information is entirely voluntary. However, should the information not be provided, Maryville may be unable to provide services made available to other site visitors. For example, unless an email address is provided, Maryville is unable to send its email newsletter. 

Contests and Other Promotion 

From time to time, contests or other promotions offers are made on Maryville’s site. To enter an online promotion, certain information will need to be provided (such as name, address, telephone number and email address) so winners may be contacted. Maryville may share this information with the co-sponsor of the promotion (the identification of the co-sponsor will be provided in the official promotion rules). Should visitors be unwilling to provide this information for registration purposes, it is suggested that visitors not enter Maryville’s contests or sweepstakes. 


To help make Maryville’s sites more responsive to the needs of its visitors, Maryville uses a standard feature of browser software, called a “cookie,” to assign each visitor a unique, random number that resides on their computer. The cookie doesn’t actually identify the visitor, just the computer a visitor uses to access Maryville’s site. Unless a visitor voluntarily identifies themselves (through registration, for example Maryville won’t know their identity, even if a cookie is assigned to the visitor’s computer. The only personal information a cookie can contain is information provided by the visitor. A cookie can’t read unrelated data off a hard drive. 

Maryville uses cookies to tailor its site to the needs of its visitors, to deliver a better, more personalized service. In addition, Maryville may use cookies to track the pages on its site visited by users. Maryville can build a better site by knowing which pages are visited more frequently and how often. Of course, visitors can set their browser not to accept cookies, but if that occurs, they may not be able to take advantage of the personalized features enjoyed by other visitors to 

Maryville’s site. 

Browser Level Information and IP Addresses 

Maryville’s web servers may automatically collect limited information about visitors’ computer configuration when visiting Maryville’s site, including the type of browser software used, operating system running, resolution of computer monitor, website which referred the visitor, and IP address. (IP address is a numerical address which is used by computers connected to the Internet to identify the computer so data (such as the web pages viewed) can be transmitted. Maryville may also use IP address information for systems administration and troubleshooting purposes (an IP address does not identify the user.) Maryville may use this information to deliver its web pages upon request to visitors, to tailor the Maryville site to the interests of its users, and to measure traffic within the site. 

Disclosure of Information 

Exchanging Names Without permission 

Maryville will not share the personally-identifiable information provided by visitors when registering on its site with other organizations, sponsors or advertisers. Maryville may, however, take the information provided and aggregate it with data from all others using this site and associated services. Then Maryville will use the pool of information to inform donors/sponsors about Maryville’s audience without identifying visitors personally. 

Vendors and Service Providers 

To make Maryville s site more valuable to its visitors, Maryville may offer some features in conjunction with other providers (“Provider Partners”). Maryville’s email newsletters, for example, may be made available through cooperative arrangements with providers specializing in operating such services. In some instances, Maryville’s Provider Partners will have the same access to visitor information as Maryville. Maryville’s providers will not share personally-identifiable information provided by our visitors. Their use of the information will be subject to the terms of their respective privacy policies, and follow Maryville’s privacy policy standards. 

Statistical Information 

Much of the information Maryville collects is in the form of aggregated statistics, such as the traffic visits from various pages within Maryville’s sites, and the habits and preferences of Maryville’s audience. Such aggregated information does not include any information which would identify visitors personally. Maryville may use such aggregated information and disclose it to third parties as needed. 

Sites to Which Maryville links 

Maryville’s site includes links to other websites, and provides access to products and services offered by third parties, whose privacy policies Maryville is unable to control. When visitors access another site or purchase products or services or conduct other transactions through Maryville’s site, use of any information provided by visitors is governed by the privacy policy of the operator of the site visited or the provider of such products or services, even if it appears visitors are on Maryville -branded pages. 

Other Disclosures 

Maryville may occasionally release information about its visitors when release is appropriate to comply with law or to protect the rights, property or safety of visitors to the Maryville site, the public, customers, or Maryville and its employees, agents, partners and affiliates. If Maryville were to merge with another entity or otherwise reorganize, information on its visitors would be transferred to the reorganized entity. 


Maryville may offer visitors the opportunity to subscribe to email newsletters on various topics Maryville believes are of interest to its visitors. If a visitor has opted to receive a particular newsletter, the visitors can always unsubscribe later by sending an email to or by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter. 

Promotional Emails 

If a visitor provides Maryville with their email address, from time to time Maryville may send emails about Maryville, information; services and special offers which Maryville believes may be of interest to the visitor. Though Maryville hopes visitors will find the promotional emails helpful, if the visitor decides they no longer wish to receive emails, an email should be sent to or by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. Of course, visitors may change their preferences at any time. Maryville will make any changes requested as quickly as possible. 

Changes to this Policy 

Final Note: The web is an evolving medium. Should changes need to be made in the future to Maryville’s Privacy Policy, a revised document will be posted with updates which reference the effective date which appears at the top of this document to reflect the effective date of the revised Privacy Policy.


Effective Date: September 22, 2017

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