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Certified Peer Recovery Specialist Services

At Maryville Addiction Treatment Center, we believe in the power of people helping each other. That’s why we offer support from certified peer recovery specialists – people who have experienced the challenges of addiction firsthand.

What Do Peer Recovery Specialists Do?

Having accepted help for the disease of addiction and emerged into active recovery, these mentors provide empathy, understanding and experience.

    • Sharing their story: They’ve been where you are. They understand how tough it can be. This shared journey makes their support extra special.
    • Personalized help: Everyone is different. Our peer team works with you to find the best way to help you recover.
    • Connections to other resources: There are lots of ways to get support. Our peer team knows where to find these places and can introduce you to them.
    • Building a strong bond: Having someone who understands you can make a world of difference. Your relationship with your peer specialist can be a valuable part of your recovery journey.


Benefits of Peer Support

Let your mentor’s wisdom and insights guide you to healing.

  • Hope: Seeing someone who’s overcome addiction can be inspirational.
  • You’re not alone: Recovering can sometimes feel lonely, but our team makes sure you always have someone by your side.
  • Learning the truth: There are many misconceptions about addiction. Our specialists set the record straight, separating facts from fiction.
  • Setting and celebrating goals: With coaching, you can set goals for your recovery and enjoy each success.
  • Getting the best help: Our peer team knows how to get you all the assets and assistance you need.

We’re Here for You

While peer support services are a cornerstone of our approach, they cannot replace professional counseling. Still, moving forward and making a new life can feel easier and more hopeful with our peer team’s help.

At Maryville Addiction Treatment Center, our certified peer recovery specialist services demonstrate our commitment. Let us be your guide as you work to heal. Hope has flourished here for over seven decades. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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