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CARF Accreditation

At Maryville Addiction Treatment Center, we provide our clients and alumni with the highest standard of care, as demonstrated by our accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. CARF accreditation goes beyond a certificate; it is a promise to our clients and community.

Why Does CARF Accreditation Matter?

Since 1966, CARF has been an independent, nonprofit organization that certifies health and human services providers worldwide, including facilities that specialize in behavioral health and addiction treatment. With over 60,000 programs accredited globally, CARF is the gold standard in the field.
CARF accreditation means Maryville:
  • Strives to minimize risk and address health and safety concerns effectively.
  • Respects cultural and individual preferences in providing services.
  • Values and actively seeks client feedback to improve care.
  • Prioritizes client needs at the forefront of all decision-making.
  • Upholds all clients’ rights and individuality.

How Maryville Achieved CARF Accreditation

Earning CARF accreditation began with an intensive year-long self-evaluation where we closely analyzed our practices against CARF’s rigorous standards. This process involved every level of our organization and required a steadfast commitment to continuous improvement and achieving the best outcomes for our clients.
A CARF survey team then visited our facility to conduct interviews with staff and clients, observe our daily operations, and review our documentation. They provided feedback and suggested improvements to ensure we meet their high standards. We only received our accreditation after successfully demonstrating our adherence to these standards.
To maintain our CARF accreditation, we must submit an Annual Conformance to Quality Report and follow a Quality Improvement Plan. This ongoing process ensures we continuously provide a level of service that meets international quality standards.

Why Choose a CARF-Accredited Facility?

Choosing a CARF-accredited facility like Maryville means entrusting your care to a facility recognized for its quality, accountability, and commitment to client satisfaction. CARF accreditation confirms our dedication to continuous improvement and responsiveness to feedback, all while focusing on your needs and preferences.
If you are struggling with substance abuse and have accepted that you need help to overcome your illness, you should understand that not all treatment facilities are the same. While CARF accreditation is not a requirement, we chose to pursue it to demonstrate our dedication to quality, commitment, and ongoing service to our clients and community.
CARF certification goes far beyond a seal of approval or certificate. Instead, it testifies to our ability to provide a holistic, person-first approach to recovery. If you or someone you love is seeking help for substance abuse, consider the peace of mind that comes with CARF-accredited services. At Maryville, we exceed industry standards to provide you with the best possible support and care on your road to recovery. Contact us today to learn more about our nonprofit addiction agency, the evidence-based practices we use, and our team’s expertise.

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