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Specialty Services

Spanish-speaking Outpatient Services – NEW!
Spanish-speaking outpatient services are now available at our Vineland Outpatient site, as well as telehealth. Services include individual and group counseling. Click HERE for the program flyer in Spanish and click HERE for English.

LGBTQIA+ Outpatient Services – NEW!                                               
Maryville is now offering addiction and co-occurring mental health treatment and support for LGBTQIA+ individuals. Services are available at our Turnersville Outpatient site, as well as via teleheath. Queer & Trans-led, the program offers individual and group counseling as well as peer recovery support services. Transportation coordination is available. Click HERE for program details.  Click HERE for the program flyer.

Youth Outpatient Services – NEW!
Maryville is now serving youth ages 11-17 in its Turnersville and Vineland outpatient programs, as well as via teleheath. Individuals must have a primary substance use disorder and may have a co-occurring mental health disorder. Transportation coordination is available.

Click HERE for more information.

Contingency Management for Stimulant Use Disorders 
Contingency Management is an evidence-based incentive program where individuals addicted to stimulants can earn monetary and other rewards for remaining clean. This program combines group and individual therapy with incentives and wellness programming to increase and maintain motivation to move forward in recovery. Stimulants include crack, methamphetamines, amphetamines, ecstasy, Adderall, and more. Limited transportation is available. Read more.

Co-occurring Problem Gambling Treatment
Maryville now offers inpatient and outpatient gambling services for individuals with co-occurring substance use and gambling disorders. Clients receive individual and group counseling, family counseling when possible, education, and case management. Peer recovery specialists offer support and work with clients to address negative consequences resulting from their gambling. Services are delivered by credentialed professionals in conjunction with clients’ substance use treatment; and an aftercare plan is developed that includes linkage to continued gambling and substance use treatment and support services. Read more.

Maryville’s outpatient programs offer telehealth services as an alternative to in-person sessions. This helps to alleviate barriers to treatment such as transportation, distance, health issues, and child care. Read more.

Co-occurring Mental Health Treatment
Integrated health care is a crucial piece to Maryville’s treatment and recovery efforts and includes mental health care as indicated. Clients with co-occurring mental health disorders are able to see an Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) for evaluation, medication prescribing and monitoring; as well as a licensed therapist. Read more.

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)
Maryville offers Medication Assisted Treatment at every level of care, combining behavioral therapy with medication to treat substance use disorders. Maryville’s residential MAT services utilize Suboxone and Vivitrol as clinically indicated; and Maryville provides parallel care for methadone clients. Discharging residential clients are referred to MAT outpatient providers for continued care. Maryville’s outpatient programs are state-approved to prescribe and monitor MAT medication. Read more. 

Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (CPRS) Services
As part of a Recovery Oriented System of Care, Maryville employs Certified Peer Recovery Specialists (CPRSs) with the goal of increasing the potential for – and quality of – long-term recovery from substance use disorder. Peer staff work to engage and retain individuals in treatment and to mobilize recovery support services based on each individual’s needs. Peers play an important role in helping clients advance their wellness and recovery in the community though linkages and support resources. They offer an understanding ear and support from the perspective of someone who has also personally experienced addiction, treatment, and recovery.

Click HERE for more information.

Alumni Services
Alumni Services’ mission is to support the long-term recovery of Maryville’s clients. The program is open to Maryville clients who have completed any level of care; and current outpatient clients. Services are free and include social activities and events, workshops, volunteer opportunities, support groups, and resources. Read more.

Family Education & Support Group

This free group is open to the public and meets every Wednesday night in Turnersville. The group offers mutual support and helps develop coping skills that promote recovery for those who care about a loved one or friend impacted by substance abuse. Education is provided on addiction, recovery, treatment options, family dynamics and roles, and the concept of enabling vs. support. Read more.

Minority AIDS Initiative for High Risk Men of New Jersey
Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine and Maryville have partnered to implement this federally funded project. This project’s purpose is to increase engagement in care for African American and Hispanic men with substance use disorders or co-occurring mental health disorders who are at risk for HIV or are HIV positive. Services include assessment for substance use and co-occurring and mental health disorders, placement into an ASAM level of care, recovery support; and HIV and hepatitis counseling, testing and linkage to care for individuals who test positive.

Placement in Sober Living Environment
In an effort to help clients integrate back into the community while maintaining their recovery, Maryville coordinates referrals and interviews for Sober Living placements when possible. Sober Living homes offer a safe, supportive, structured group living for individuals in recovery.

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