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Medically Monitored Withdrawal Management

medicalMaryville offers a gender specific, medically monitored withdrawal management program for those age 18+ experiencing signs and symptoms of withdrawal on admission, or for whom there is evidence that withdrawal is imminent.

Medical staff at Maryville have expertise in helping individuals withdraw comfortably and safely from alcohol, opioids and other drugs. Medical staff may use medications to reduce the discomfort of withdrawal. The type of medications used depends on the severity of addiction, type of substance abused, and other factors.

Triage for medical services and intensive medical monitoring for withdrawal by our medical and 24 hour, 7 days per week nursing staff keeps those in our care safe.¬† Depending on the condition of the individual, he or she may be medically cleared to participate in educational sessions, and to socialize with those in the residential treatment component. Individuals are provided with the supports necessary for a successful withdrawal management through any emotional distress, illness, and/or disorientation at this initial stage of treatment/recovery. All individuals in the program receive individual counseling. The primary counselor for each individual provides case management services and will advocate for the individual’s continuation into the next clinically indicated level of care.

Maryville’s inpatient withdrawal management program is located on 40 wooded acres in rural Gloucester County, providing a serene, natural environment conducive to the full recovery of mind, body and spirit.

Contact our Inpatient Admissions Department for more information.