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Sub Acute Detoxification Services

residentialMaryville offers a medically monitored program for those who meet the ASAM PPC-2 criteria for this level of care. Generally, the patient is experiencing signs and symptoms of withdrawal on admission, or there is evidence that withdrawal is imminent. Patients accepted at this level of care are not at risk of severe withdrawal. Frequently the patient’s recovery environment is not supportive of detoxification and entry into treatment, and the patient does not have coping skills to deal safely with the problems in the recovery environment. Many patients are either homeless, or are living in a drinking environment. Protocols are in place to detox from alcohol and heroin, using buprenorphine. Specific protocols for detoxing from various classes of drugs are utilized as needed.

Triage for medical services and intensive medical monitoring for withdrawal keep our patients safe. Depending on the condition of the individual patient, he or she may be medically cleared to participate in the educational sessions, and to socialize with the those in the residential component. Patients are provided with the supports necessary for a successful detoxing through any emotional distress, illness, and disorientation at this initial stage of recovery. All patients receive individual counseling. The primary counselor provides case management and will advocate for the patient for up to 6 months following treatment.

The length of stay for this level of care varies from 3 to 7 days, with the average being 4 days. Within this timeframe, patients are expected to have minimal withdrawal symptoms remaining, if any, and are alert and well enough to move to the next level of care. Patients are also expected to accept the need for ongoing treatment, which will generally be residential treatment. Planning for the next level of care often begins before admission, as the referring agency/person will indicate that the patient is to remain for residential treatment or go to another program following detox.